Gravel despite anything

Sometimes you plan a route, sometimes you just go without any direction, and other times everything just get messed up, but getting fun it’s always a must.

I decided to pick up my gravel bike, and take the road to the Montseny area. An HC road climb that I already know, with the idea to take some gravel tracks from the top of it.

Despite my knowledge on that climb with my road bike, it became tougher with the extra weight of my gravel bike. I spent a lot of time on that climb, and the sun began to hit hard . But I was on the top, and the gravel part was about to start! And then…the first mistake; I just forgot to refill my bottles and I ran out of water way too early and the sun was not going to forgive… But the worst part was yet to come.

During a long descent with the rear brake pad almost burned and full focused on the loose rocks on the ground… puffff… that fucking noise that’s telling you….yeah man! it’s a flat tire! f*ck! I stopped on the first shadow I found to repair. And then… surprise! I just had in my pocket the wrong inner tube! So I was to continue descending a river of sharp rocks with a delicate light weight road inner tube on my rear wheel, poorly inflated. 

And then, after few minutes descending, my gps computer with the track I was following, just stopped. jaja. holly shit! seems a God’s joke, but it’s not…definitely the fortune was not on my side!

But once back home, and after a couple of well deserved fresh beers, I just realised that all this misfortunes just made my route more and more FUN! 100k 1700m 6h of fucking fun! So…gravel it’s never a bad choice, no matter what!

nil teixido