The road not taken

the road not taken polaroid turó cycling

It's not only about training, going as fast as you can, improve your times, share your rides or prepare the next competition... Sometimes cycling is about enjoying that loneliness meditation state where you find the relaxation that your daily life has taken; the answers to any of your concerns or simply that interior peace that allows you to perceive your everyday roads in a different way, and frame them in a polaroid.

It is the unknown around the corner that turns my wheels
— Heinz Stücke

The unknown is what helps us to go further, to discover, to enjoy cycling.

Most of these routes start at home, on taken roads, those we follow on our daily rides, those we know as the palm of our hand. We use them to heat up, train, commute, or chill. But they become unknown when we really take another point of view. 

Are we disparaging those taken roads? Those we know that are perfect to train?, where we make the fucking killer series, where we just chill ... we know them perfectly, we know the time we need to go back and forth. Those who know if we are strong or not, and those that are there to help us improve, those that protect us in winter during night training... Not at all, we love them and we just try to keep the flame on, by looking them in a different way; as simple as that.

This goes for them, for ours, those we have taken, those we love and hate, those that take us to the unknown and those that return us home.

roads taken
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